Any Restaurant Manager´┐Ż user within with 100 miles of Delarosa POS Systems headquarters may use the information below to contact a support technician 24 hours a day:

After hours: 312-719-5968

There is no fee for phone support on systems installed in the last year or for restaurants enrolled in a Maintenance Plan. Other callers should have their credit card ready to pay the hourly service fees below.

Standard Service Fees

$45 /hour - for calls placed between 9am and 7pm (M - F) or 10am - 3pm (Sat.)

$65 /half hour - for After-Hours Service

Cut Service Costs with a Service Plan
Delarosa POS provides a variety of service plans to fit every business and budget. Contact us to find out which of the plans below would best promote efficient operations and save service costs for your type of business.

  • FREE Software Upgrades to new version releases.
  • Preventive Maintenance on system equipment & cabling
  • Software Support (phone support, software patches & data backups)
  • 24 x 7 Onsite Emergency Service
    (to correct equipment malfunction and/or failure, software glitches, etc)
  • Advanced Training Courses for new managers and other key hires
  • Business Consulting to help you cut costs and boost revenues via:
    • PCI Compliance Reviews
      (to ensure company procedures continue to comply with PABA standards)
    • Fraud Audits on excessive voids and over-rings
    • Menu Analysis & Engineering
      (to ensure items selling at high volume are priced to generate appropriate profit margins)
    • Marketing Campaign Alignments
      (to ensure new promotions & coupons are configured in and tracked by POS system and to take advantage of HTML email campaigns, etc