As an authorized service provider of the Restaurant Manager™ POS System and the Write-On Handheld™ POS System Delarosa POS is proud to offer restaurant POS technologies that are trusted nationwide. Click on the logos below to learn more about each of the restaurant POS products we offer.



WIRELESS HANDHELD POS (for tableside ordertaking)



Visit the sample Chat & Chew website to see how Online Ordering can be added to any restaurant’s website.



IT Retail has been delivering software solutions to retailers worldwide for the last 16 years. With over 4800 stores in 20 countries, IT Retail has some of the largest retailers in the world. It was designed by grocers for grocer's and still holds to its roots. IT Retail is currently serving grocery chains, convenience stores, and independent grocers with a wide variety of solutions. Today, IT Retail's grocery POS system is best known for its broad, all inclusive feature base, strategically combined with an intuitive easy to learn and understand user interface.


StoreTender is a full featured grocery package designed to handle the demanding requirements of today's supermarkets. Individual modules allow you to select the areas of operation you wish to control such as ordering, receiving, pricing, sales ads, shelf labels, loyalty programs, inventory control, cashier management, and of course, point of sale. In addition to accurate and reliable operations, StoreTender can expedite your check-out process translating into a more enjoyable shopping experience for your customer. A common complaint of grocery shoppers is the length of time they spend in the checkout line. In today's instant society, faster check-out times can translate into repeat customers and increased profits. Eliminate the bottleneck at your checkout counter by installing StoreTender Today!


We offer the best bar and restaurant management and control systems on the market. Our all-in-one, turnkey solutions are user friendly, proven effective, and easily adaptable to your needs and style of operation. Plus they’re guaranteed to deliver a return on your investment in record time.

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